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Reviews (12)
  • G****e
    Got this one and even with lube very tight to enter could have a bigger entrance like the 10 thruster one
  • d****ay
    I would most definitely recommend this product here because of how it feels the vibration the power it is a good thing to have so mean, please go and order it.
  • W****m
    First off let me start by saying this product was way bigger than I imagined but that made it all the more better. It is very easy to use and features great functions for a variety of pleasurable experiences.
  • Br****C.
    The 5 telescopic frequencies provide a unique and exciting experience every time, allowing me to find the perfect setting for my mood. Whether you're looking for a gentle, relaxing sensation or something more intense, this product has you covered.The 10 vibration modes are another highlight. They add an extra layer of pleasure and variety to the experience. You can easily switch between modes to find the one that suits you best. I appreciate how this product caters to a wide range of preferences.
  • e****t
    The inside of this toy is incredibly soft, and the texture provides excellent sensations as it massages your shaft. The combination of speed and suction settings made it easy for me to find one that was right for me. Cleaning and recharging is very easy. This will be my go to toy!
  • M****.
    really good, this sucking gives me a pleasure I've never felt before
  • D****R
    Have you ever had the sensation of wanting your cum to hit your ceiling. Have you ever been curious on what it feels like to have 3 Brazilian hookers sucking on your knob at once. WELL look no further… this baby will suck your Willy until your silly. The vibration itself will make your brain melt. Your welcome boys
  • O****a
    This is unbelievably soft and almost feels moist to the touch (with no added moisture). It feels great and it reacts appropriately to the amount of thrust you put in with its vacuum-like design.
  • K****n
    I bought this for my husband's birthday. He's never had a toy like this and woweee he was impressed. He was skeptical at first but was amazed at how well it worked and the overall quality.
  • J****e
    The channel feels sooo real and so damn great. When I need to take care of business, it gets the job done..
  • I****a
    Nice design. Each use has produced an amazing, intense leg-shaking orgasm.
  • S****t
    It came well packaged and discreet. Thank you. I must tell you, I have tried many different brands of Male Masturbators, low and high price items. This item is amazing, compared to the many I have tried. Removing the cup from over the vulva/vagina, the vulva/vagina looks amazingly real. Touching it with my fingers, it felt so soft and tender. I inserted my finger inside with lubricant, it was very stimulating.I could not wait to try the next step, and you know what I mean. It was fabulous. I was so impressed with the overall quality of the product and the sensation. The price is fantastic, well worth it.