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Reviews (6)
  • B****m
    I am really glad with this toy, definitely recommend it. Definitely worth the price of admission! Full of granules gives me greater stimulation, and very ture. Having a remote makes it fun to play all types of games, even my wife can hold the remote, playing with me, lol. Thrusting, rotation, all the best. Must to say, it also has a firmly suction basecan use it anywhere, even in wet bastroom, I love this best. . . The inner liner can be detachable, very easy to clean. In a short, everything is the best for me. I love this toy more than any toys I have had. Don't hesitate to buy it, bro.
  • P****k
    This is without a doubt the best masturbation I've ever owned. Its liner is of excellent texture and the particles are very full, which can fully stimulate my penis. I finally found a masturbation cup that can stimulate my penis. I am very happy, and it is equipped with a suction cup, which is very easy to use. It's convenient and feels great. It's as close to the real thing as it gets
  • A****d
    I was missing out something before I bought this toy, my first toy. This toy gave me feeling I never felt in a while ! I love this toy !This toy rotates and thrusts very smoothly, I was not expecting there to be much movement from such a small motor.I truly loved all the thought that was put into this product. The best thing about it has to be the female voice that comes out of it when you plug in the provided earphones. It definitely added to the whole experience. This toy has a firmly suction base, can grab to any smooth hard surface, bathroom, bedroom and etc. I can enjoy it anywhere without using hands. Soft and full of granules, nice!
  • L****e
    Having never even thought about a male sex toy,and often slightly self-embarrassed about the prospect of buying and owning one,I can honestly say after receiving my first male masturbator cup today I regret not getting one sooner! Gentlemen,if you’re in any doubts don’t be. Try it once and you will never use your hand again;) The only downside I see is having to clean it when all I want to do is use it again and again right away!:)
  • G****n
    Just insert manhood and enjoy! This vibrating, thrusting unit is perfect for a handsfree session you'll love. Comes with lube and mount to attach places. Charges via headphone jack, so all you will need is a USB-A charger and you're all set to start watching porn as this does the work.
  • L****s
    Never have a wonderful toy like this! I love it! Amazing, also has women moaning, just put on my headphones, I can enjoy the secret.Sexy female voice, the more intense the twitching, the louder the scream, let me crack with my voice, lol. Soft and full of granules, gives me the pleasure of friction, I can't love it. I like the firmly suction base best, I can use it anywhere. Buy it, bro.! You will love it as me!