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Reviews (22)
  • I****va
    Mir gefällt die Struktur des Spielzeugs sehr gut. Das Silikon ist sehr weich und angenehm für den Körper. Zufrieden mit der Größe, es ist groß genug, mein Mann und ich haben es wirklich genossen.
  • tu****91
    We can recommend this beautiful piece to anyone who likes to be spoiled from behind. Can be used alone or in pairs. Even women are quite happy with it :) The gradations of vibration are very pleasant and varied.
  • w****k
    Incredible product. My wife and I both loved it.
  • d****e
    Dies ist das umwerfendste, aufregendste und explosivste Produkt, das ich je verwendet habe. Wer auch immer darüber nachgedacht hat, ein typisches P-Punkt-Spielzeug mit einem Stoßmechanismus auszustatten, verdient einen Friedensnobelpreis.

    Dieses Spielzeug ist von extrem hoher Qualität und fühlt sich durch sein dickes und robustes Design an. Es sitzt sehr bequem und trifft sein Ziel perfekt – und das, bevor Sie irgendwelche Bedienelemente drücken! Mit der Vibrations- und Schubsteuerung übertrifft dieses Produkt wirklich alle Erwartungen und macht Dinge, über die ich in einer Amazon-Rezension nicht schreiben darf … aber vertrauen Sie mir einfach: KAUFEN SIE ES!!!

    Bonus: Im Lieferumfang ist eine Fernbedienung enthalten! Außerdem verwendet es ein zweipoliges magnetisches Ladegerät anstelle eines herkömmlichen Anschlusses, was mir gefällt, weil es wasserdicht und hygienischer ist. Win-Win!
  • S****t
    I recently wanted to explore myself and did not know what to pick up. Some searching leads me to this. I was a bit scared to use it at first, but with proper lube, I enjoyed using it. The powerful motor and how it just massages my prostate made me not regret my purchase. Looking forward to using this for more to come.
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  • c****l
    I wish there were other colors.
  • Wa****ey
    Very good, easy to use and clean. I bought it to use it with my partner and it complies with the descriptions given. The remote control helps a lot and the vibration and movement is adequate. very satisfied.
  • T****M
    i enjoyed it
  • j****k
    I am satisfied with the packaging of this product. It doesn't disclose any information and protects my privacy very well.
  • Ph****mx
    Love this product! I use it daily and it is great for long-term wear. Very easy to clean and the remote is is great, especially when you let someone else take control 😁.
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  • Al****er
    Can’t wait for the fun toy to arrive.
    Thank You.,,
  • P****r
    I love the service of HELLOFUNTOYS, all my emails are answered promptly. Buying products here, I am very relieved.
    Thank you for your gifts.
  • M****r
    This vibrator was a bit of an impulse buy, but I was looking for something different- it's hard to ride a regular dildo for a long period of time, and plugs just didn't give me enough stimulation. This toy did the trick! I had no issues inserting it (I am not a pro, and only play occasionally), it was comfortable, and the battery lasted a LOT longer than expected. I used it three times the first night I got it, and it did the job all three times. If you're curious about a toy like this, look no further!
  • M****i
    Very pleasurable
  • Ja****is
    This product is simply amazing. The packaging is small and discreet. I absolutely enjoy this. The vibrations sends a tingling sensation throughout your entire body. The thrust and pulsating feeling leaves you wanting more.
  • J****h
    Rarely ever do I leave 5-star reviews, but from night one with this little guy, it's been love. I've had to get creative while I work a long distance from my partner for a few months and having this has been an asset to my routine. Also great for virtual play - this will definitely cure what ails 'ya.

    Buy it! you won't regret it.
    Service:Have fun!
  • L****E
    I have used 7 prostate massagers and this is my favorite. Let me briefly talk about its advantages. First, its massage effect is very good; second, it is very durable and does not require frequent charging; third, its material is very comfortable.
    Service:Have fun!
  • Vi****d!
    I bought this and it's slightly smaller counterpart being a virgin scared to actually do it for real and dear god its perfect and has me craving the real thing! If you're scared all you have to do is lube it up, turn it on and let it rub against you, slowly angling it to your hole. With the smallest of pushes it slowly starts digging itself in naturally and feels great! Sadly i haven't cum from it but it feels great!
    While using it I threw on some panties and stood around while my roomate cooked, all the while having this thrusting in me! I even made a video ;)
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  • G****.
    My boyfriend had multiple moments (orgasms) and expressed his appreciation by chocking on my cock.
    Service:Have fun!
  • L****J
    This product binds my testicles and I love the feeling of being bound. And then it's constantly stimulating my prostate, which is really wonderful.