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Reviews (4)
  • Be****AL
    I've had plugs in the past that were painful to get in-- it was always the very last push that killed me.... And then pulling it out was always a nail biter. This plug solves that problem.... It inserts so smoothly, inflates quickly and then has 10 vibration settings to finish you off FAST while staying firmly in place. Then, you just hit the deflate button, and it slides right out. I mean... What a genius concept. And utimi always has a nice box, bag and a sturdy charging cable included. Oh, and the remote is such a helpful piece of technology! No more fumbling with buttons that are impossible to see on the device..... The remote makes it so easy to change settings (inflate and vibration). Great value and great results.
  • K****E
    This is my new favorite vibrator AND my new favorite plug. The versatile shape makes this a fun clitoral, vaginal, and anal toy. The insertable portion looks and feels just like a normal silicone-coated vibrator; I would never have guessed that it inflates, too! It is easy to play with and easy to clean. Mine arrived mostly charged, which was a pleasant surprise. You should charge it fully and clean it with soap and water before first use.

    Vaginal Use:
    The shape of the handle keeps the toy in place to stimulate the right spots when inserted. My favorite use is for hands-free G-spot stimulation. You can flex your kegels and position your hips to get it in just the right spot. Unlike other G-spot vibrators I've used, this one will stay put without holding it with your hands, and won't rotate around or slip out during orgasm.

    Anal Use:
    For anal play, this toy couldn't be more perfect for me! It is wide enough to feel subsantial while inserting, but not too wide as to be overwhelming. I found the fully inflated plug to be comfortably snug, and not too filling. You should inflate it after insertion.

    To inflate, first make sure the toy is on by pressing and holding the middle button for a few seconds. Then press and hold the bottom button (closest to the long end of the handle) while it inflates. You can release the button partway through once it has reached the desired size, or continue holding the button until it has finished inflating. Simply press the top button (furthest from the long end of the handle) once to deflate the plug. To prevent injury, you should deflate the toy entirely before removing it from your body.

    I used a condom over the insertable portion of the toy with no issues. Just be sure not to cover the intake/exhaust holes if you plan to use the inflation function at all.

    The shape of the handle ensures that the toy stays pointed in the right direction for P-spot or prostate stimulation. I would not feel comfortable walking around with the toy inserted, unless it was inflated. Trust me, this thing is NOT coming out by accident when it's fully inflated.

    This vibrator is pretty strong for clitoral use, which is exactly what I was hoping for. The vibrations feel pleasant for both vaginal and anal stimulaton as well.

    This toy features 10 vibration settings. The first 3 are steady hums at different speeds. The remaining settings are patterns that all seem to function at the highest of the 3 steady speeds. If you dislike strong vibrators, you may have trouble finding a pattern you like and will likely be better off with the lower steady settings. I typically dislike the pattern settings on vibrators, but found that many of these were interesting and strong enough to spark joy anyway. I recommend trying the 5th vibration setting!

    This toy also features some little nubs at the long end of the handle. The entire toy vibrates, so the handle would make for some pleasant clitoral stimulation while the rest is inserted. Unfortunately, the length just doesnt work out for me. The handle is too long to reach my clitoral head when inserted vaginally, and too short to reach when inserted anally. However, the insertable portion works just fine as a clitoral vibrator on its own, and the shape of the toy makes it easy to hold without hurting my wrist.

    The only downside to this toy is that to shut off the vibrator, the plug must deflate too. The good news is that it inflates back up quickly, so it shouldn't interrupt your play much.
  • Da****ey
    This is definitely the best anal toy I've used in 2022. I have to say, it's really good quality, I've tried squeezing its bladder in various ways and it all works fine. I'm really lucky to get such a safe and fun toy at this price.
    I'm a man and my boyfriend loves it too.😝😝😝
  • J****H
    I was so excited to receive this product and give it a try. The packaging is really nice, coming in a beautiful box. Inside the box, the anal plug/vibrator/ blow up plug was wrapped in a plastic bag. The box also contained the charging cord, instructions and a nice bag for the toy.

    The toy has 10 different vibration modes and the vibration is very intense. Due to the curve in the toy plus the vibration, it hit all the right spots to give an intense prostate massage. Inflating the balloon plug makes it even more enjoyable.

    I would highly recommend this toy for anyone that likes anal massages, both for beginners and more experienced anal connoisseurs. This will be my go to toy for a long time.