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  • D****s
    Awesome 👍
  • Mi****K.
    This was my first auto masturbator and i have to say i am hooked, the tightness and variety of functions and the different combinations are so wide that i feel like ill wear this thing out before i get to try them all. It doesnt have a suction device but it honestly doesnt need one, it wraps around you tight enough as is. The one complaint i have so far is its a bit inconvenient to clean but that is a small complaint when compared to how nicely it operates on every other front.
  • S****.
    So I've had this for almost a week now. Got it, cleaned it and tried it out right away! It's better than any other simulator I have! It has two vibrating bullets which really kick it up! The top stays attached which is nice. I have another simulator and the top gets pulled in which gets annoying. This one can't do that with the way it's attached. It's easy to clean. The clear window easily comes off to access what needs cleaned.
  • A****i
    The suction power is great as is the vibration. The silicone material is very soft to the touch. It does require that you use lube with it. There is a variety of settings. Very easy to use, the instructions that came with it are pretty straight forward. The magnetic charge port helps with wear and tear of the port. The battery capacity is good for a couple of uses and the charge time is pretty quick. It is very easy to disassemble for cleaning which is a huge plus for such a product.