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Reviews (15)
  • X****r
    The product was delivered fast! The product itself is high quality, and it comes with the charging cable AND earbuds to connect to the toy for the audio features which it has 3 different audios, 7 vibration modes and 3 suction modes. I highly recommend!
  • p****m
    A photo of me and it.
    I love this product so much!
  • Jo****ne
    Sometimes your partner is gone and hands are old fashioned. I was looking for a new toy and bam this one works great. Try a little libe and you'll have fun for hours. Cleanup is easy. Use a hot soapy damp rag and run it through.
  • An****an
    Good quality feel and super easy to use
  • e****l
    After training for 2.5 hours I was of course very horny and in need of a release 💦 I gave this new toy a try
  • J****s
    If you're looking for a portable and effective way to relieve muscle tension and soreness, the handheld massaging device is a great option. This device is designed to provide deep tissue massage through percussive therapy, which helps to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and release tension in your muscles.One of the standout features of this device is its versatility. You can adjust the intensity of the massage as well, making it suitable for people of all fitness levels and massage preferences.The device is also lightweight and easy to handle, which makes it perfect for people who are always on-the-go. Whether you're at home, the gym, or at work, you can easily use this device to relieve any tension or soreness in your muscles. Plus, it's rechargeable, so you don't have to worry about replacing batteries.Another great feature of this device is its quiet motor. Unlike some massaging devices that can be loud and disruptive, this device operates at a low noise level, making it ideal for use in any setting.Overall, I would highly recommend this handheld massaging device to anyone who is looking for a convenient and effective way to relieve muscle tension and soreness. It's versatile, easy to use, and provides deep tissue massage that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.
  • Mr****ed
    This product is game changing. It’s way more fitting and versatile to use than other competitors and similar products. The battery life is dope and the functionality is super simple. It’s guaranteed to get the job done ASAP!
  • J****S
    I got this to add a nice mix in the bedroom and just something nice for my boyfriend’s personal play time and he loves it! The inside is ribbed so it I guess it mimics the actual thing haha! He says if he knew how good it felt, he’d get one sooner. 10/10!
  • H****y
    Impressed in how easy it is to use. And cleaning it is way easier
  • t****r
    Very good, works great, Easy to clean after use. My first impressions on this toy right out of the box is that it is very futuristic. This toy has a very soft interior.The opening ring for this toy feels great on insertion and provides a snug fit for my size but is stretchy enough for any size I'm sure, Does not hurt the penis. Very nice, you can choose between different vibrations to meet your pleasure, I relly like it!
  • Na****dd
    This is the easy masturbator to used you just stick your member in and the machine does all the work. The varation of speeds will make this work for anyone whether you like it quick and sturdy or you like to go slow and steady. You surely will be happy with the outcome of this machine and your member will thank you. You will truly feel like Thor when you used this masturbator and feel the lighting like feeling from your member to your toes. That ulitmate tingling sensation when you release.
  • T****M
    Solid male toys are hard to come by. This masterbator is a great item if you want to avoid some of the bulkier toys that offer similar features.Pros:→ Very light weight→ Three default speeds plus the option to use the power button as a pressure sensor. (The speed changes depending on how hard you hold down the button)→ Standard USB charger with the power supply brick plug, so you wont need to hunt for new cables should you lose this one.→ Water resistant. The charging port has a protective cover to avoid water damage when cleaning.→ No back. For those who might be on the larger side of things often times these toys have an end cap to the masterbator section of the cup and can prevent you from fully enjoying yourself.→ Quiet. You can listen to my video to get a better idea of how loud this, but overall its quieter than most toys I have purchased like this.→ Light and not so bulky. The handle makes it a bit awkward to pack, but its an easy toy to bring with you places as it weighs nothing and takes up little space.Overall I'd recommend this to anyone looking to buy their first electronic masterbator. It's a good toy to use with a partner or by yourself. It's simple and straightforward and should work great for anyone with a penis.5/5
  • P****r
    I’ll have to admit that I was a little hesitant about trying an automatic masturbator toy as I had never used anything like this before, but in online discussions, guys seem to really enjoy them, so I figured I would give it a try.To be honest, it seemed a little strange trying it the first time and getting used to how to hold it for the best effect but then, all of a sudden, everything fell into place and the feeling was absolutely incredible!!!The best tip here is to make sure you use a decent amount of water-based lube and start “pumping” with it before using the powered modes, this makes sure everything is well lubricated. The silicon sleeve inside has some very nice texture in it and is easily removed for cleaning and water-based lubes will wash off with very little effort.There are two ways to control the speed, the first way is to turn on the unit by holding the power button for a few seconds, and then a short tap will switch between three different speeds. I preferred the slowest speed personally. The second way to control the speed is to turn the unit on and then press on the top button, the harder you press it, the faster it goes. This might be easier if a partner is using it on you, but I couldn’t focus on keeping a consistent speed doing it that way, the feeling was just too intense.A toy like this may not be for everyone, some may find the motion and noise distracting, but, if you enjoy toys like this, or if you have a partner that wants to use it on you, then this is well worth considering.
  • J****n
    This product us hands down the best masturbator i have purchased so far not only is it simple and to the point cleaning it is super easy. Items come with 4 items
    1)Masturbator insert
    3)Charger port cover
    I will definitely recommend to friends
  • T****l
    The toy is really a nice addition to my inventory. The three speeds allow you to make the experience last as long as you want and as intense as you want. It is not overly bulky and is easily controlled with one had. Some toys are clunky and hard to manage single handed, but that is not the case with this toy. I would highly recommend this to any toy enthusiasts.