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  • J****e
    I love the suction on this, it actually works.
    The design is really cool.
    It has lots of vibrate options and suction options which are great and is relatively quiet in comparison to other styles on the market.
    All in all a great product for the price
  • Th****er
    Easy to operate, and easy to clean! The various vibration settings are strong and add spice to the fun! And the suction is unbelievable! Like an expert mouth on your organ! It feels like the real thing with the addition of a selection of vibrations to increase the pleasure!

    Just some added input that some might find helpful!

    I took it out of the box there were no instructions so I popped off the cover and removed the sleeve. There are two vibrating bullets attached to the sleeve on coiled wires. The bullets are inserted into pockets on the outer sleeve. To remove carefully pull the sleeve out of the A1 cup till one of the vibrating bullets is visible over the top of the A1 cup and you can grip it through the sleeve and squeeze the top of the bullet (the part that's in the furthest) and you will see the bottom of the bullet coming out the entrance of the pocket grab that end and pull the bullet out being careful not to pull the coiled wire too far out of the cup then pull sleeve until you are able to do the same with the other bullet that's on the bottom of the sleeve! Then you can wash and dry the sleeve. I used anti-bacterial liquid soap and hot water to wash and dried with paper towels and a fan I coated the outside of the sleeve sparingly with baby powder! Then charged unit till blinking lights were on steady (not blinking)! Now it's time for the fun to begin! get your favorite water-based lube out and lube your erection add some into the sleeve, how much is up to you! To operate the A1 Masturbator hold the middle button down for 3 sec and the unit will come on at the first vibration setting you can cycle through all of the vibration settings by pressing the button once quickly. The top button operates the automatic suction! There are 3 cycles, short, med, and long! Press the button to start on short, press it again for med and again for long! The bottom button is for manual suction! Pressing the button will start suction and suction will remain on until you release the button! Experiment and try variations of different settings!
    I've been enjoying this toy immensely and have had multiple orgasms and enjoying more frequent and explosive sex than ever! This is one of my top 5 favorite toys and I can't recommend it enough! It won't disappoint!
    The only con I can think of which really isn't a problem as far as I'm concerned is that it's larger and heavier than most Masturbators and not easy to conceal and would be safer to use behind closed doors! Still for the adventurous loving who like to take their intimate playtime everywhere in pretty sure you'll find a way! After all the riskier the better huh?
  • A****y
    Over the years my husband has bought me many toys, and I wanted to repay the favor. I may have created a monster because he loves this toy! We are extremely sexual people, but there are some times when it's just not the right time. In the past, I've had to manually take care of him, but this is going to make things sooooo much better for both of us! It's also a lot of fun to use during playtime. A1 can use it on himself while taking care of me and I have my hands and mouth free to use in other areas 😉