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Reviews (16)
  • E****n
    I used it and it’s amazing ! Love it!!
  • B****h
    I was skeptical at first, but it met my needs surprisingly well.

    It comes in plain packaging, so even if for some insensitive reason the Amazone package should open, no one knows what's inside.

    Everything is included to get started immediately, of course you have to charge the device first
  • P****M
    From the description I knew it would be intense, but this was crazy. Super enjoyable going through all of the settings. I loved the hands-free nature of the thrusting action. It was definitely audible, but I live alone so no issues really there. Great experience
    Service:thank you
  • T****n
    So my husband tried this toy. He’s used some of the “female looking” ones when he’s been away on business trips but he said this one by far out did them. The suction is strong! And the vibrations were very powerful! The fact that it opens for super easy clean up makes it by far one of the best so you know you have a thoroughly cleaned item before putting it away. He HIGHLY recommends this toy!!
  • H****k
    What an experience.
    At first glance, the device is quite large, but this makes it stable. Also included was the first gel, a headset, charging cable (without plug) and the wall bracket. After finding a suitable surface for the suction cup to hold properly, this is also fun.
    It is very easy to clean, which I also like and is important!

    It was typically delivered in a neutral box, so that the neighbors don't know what you ordered either.
  • mi****ns
    it was ok whill it lasted had trobbel putting my dick in to it and i pushed it to hared and broke the gears in it so i dossent work annay more good producd
  • D****n
    I just recently purchased this item and couldn't wait to try it out. The packaging was nice. It was fairly easy to remove the cup for cleaning for first time use. The function was definitely awesome. Really enjoyed it and the texture was great. Added a bit of lube and let it do its job. I recommend this item for bedroom fun.
  • P****a
    I'm writing this review for the people that want to make sure them spend there money right. This is my honest opinion This thing works And maybe a little too well .I've wasted a lot of money on other items like this this one by far is my favourite and gets the job done the fastest 10 out of 10 the thing looks great easy to use and's even easier to clean than any other 1 that I've used.
  • K****s
    I feel like there are truly not enough words to describe this toy. When I decided to buy this one I did not think I would need it since I have like 5 other ones, but after trying it I am sooo glad I bought it. I think this one might be my favorite. Only one toy I've used before actually made me go over the edge, but this did that but faster. The way it swivels feels soo good. I think my eyes rolled back when I first put it on. It was crazy and you would be ridiculous to not want to try this out. My favorite part is how easy clean up is with this as well, many toys make it complicated to
  • Je****er
    He said it was amazing!
  • J****k
    This product is everything you want in complete hands free satisfaction. First and foremost, it's massive. Yes. It's massive. That's a gallon jug it's sitting beside. But once you're in it, you don't have to move it. Just insert and let it do it's thing. The sensation is incredible. I'm not gonna say it's like the real thing because it's so much more interesting. I promise, your money is WELL spent on this beast.
  • Z****t
    This thing is amazing. Just do it already and buy the darn thing. Get a tripod as well, and you've got hands free enjoyment that will rock your world.
  • Am****er
    What an awesome product! I have tried almost every automatic toy on the market and must say this one is a winner. Quiet but powerful with many settings. Easy to clean. By far most realistic experience hands down. Highly recommend!!!
  • B****s
    가격대비 쓸만하네요...입구 조임도 괜잔고
  • Je****th
    Worked Great, Easy to use. what more can you ask for?
  • L****a
    Hellofuntoys! I’m a fan!

    This product is great! I don’t have a plethora of toys like this but it was definitely not my first and it was definitely the most pleasurable! I got mine in the mail yesterday and I can’t seem to put it down!

    After the initial charge, the battery life is solid and can hold a charge for extended play. The touch screen is surprisingly responsive and really easy to learn so you can set your preferred vibration/suction easily! The suction motor is a little louder than I expected but by no means a distraction or issue.

    The functions work VERY well!