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Reviews (30)
  • Mi****do
    I love the toy, really satisfier.
  • r****n
    like how it came in a black box very discreet and was sealed also, overall the product is very well made, I am very satisfied and my wife is also its for him or her, It's the perfect size for a beginners in length and girth and the thrusting is a plus, the thrusting is not very strong but gets the job done but what do you expect for a product of this size but the vibrations are fairly strong.
  • ja****do
    Now I was a little skeptical of this item as dildos and vibrators have never really been my thing. I tend to prefer the real thing compared to these silicone products when it comes to bottom or receiving. I usually clench up more and have a harder time enjoying myself with dildos or vibrators in the past. But man was I pleasantly surprised when I tried this toy out. I love love love this toy. I was worried it may have been too small when I was first putting it in but once I turned it on... chefs kiss.. soo good. I was walking around doing chores with it in and it felt soo good. I'm now more open and willing to try other dildos and vibrators. Highly recommend others try. This is the smaller size so for those that want the bigger size it does come in that option but don't skip out on this one simply because of the size it was more than capable of getting the job done.
  • C****.
    This little device will surprise you !! Powerful vibration, nice and smooth to touch. Just slip it in and lay back and let it do all the work, can easily give hours of pleasure with the easy to use remote. The easy to read instructions makes it even easier if its your first time .
  • J****L
    Better than I expected. This is a fun product for sure. It’s perfect for me. I love the different rates of thrust and the range of movement is great. I definitely recommend it.
  • B****m
    it fit super well and felt like a dream. gotta say the 3rd setting will really set you just right~
  • J****e
    This toy is so worth it for the price! It has multiple modes to chose from with different speeds! It also comes with a remote which is always a plus for me! It’s a great toy to spice up the sex!
  • ****n
    As the title says it's a little smaller than I would have liked but it works really well and feels great. Simple and straightforward.
  • S****o
    To start off this toy is absolutely good feeling! It's also easy to clean and also easy to store! And items pretty easy to use this one. 😁
  • Ri****am
    This toy is my new BESTFRIEND! With 4 different speeds, you have endless fun & it’s the perfect size!
  • W****W
    Bought this few weeks ago. I hv tried many Ano toy this is one of the best!Fair price, high quality, perfect size, battery last long, beginner friendly, very easy to clean, even feels good just wearing it.By itself it might not very stable when activated, but with ropes it just perfect.And one more thing is that The remote control also has a very good quality not like many other brands.If you looking for some affordable cool new toys here it is
  • un****rs
    This was an absolute blast to use! Easy to get set up, the instructions were clear and easy to understand. Soft material that’s waterproof so it works in the shower just fine. The experience was awesome for someone who has never used one before! Perfect size for newcomers and the vibrating features only bumps this up another notch!! Clean up easy, a little warm water and just the smallest touch of hand-soap got the lubricant off easy. Overall 10/10 product.
  • K****.
    I’m not gonna lie I was a bit skeptical about purchasing a toy like this but I’m glad I got over the skepticism and decided to try something new. This toy right here will have you in complete self satisfying bliss, especially with the different vibration modes that makes reaching an orgasm intense
  • M****K
    For the price I didn’t expect this to be a high quality vibrating anal toy. Great design, the cock ring attached to this penis-shaped thrusting prostate massager all vibrating at the same time, definitely hitting every right spot, it’s one of the best products on the market, compared to other ones I’ve tried this one clearly is made of thick, premium silicone, which is more comfortable to use and more durable. Very easy to clean. And arrived in a discreet box without any label or picture on it. Try it and you’ll find out how good it is. I recommend
  • M****.
    I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for solo play time and wants to spice it up. The ring is thick and definitely adds a special element to the toy. If you have a little extra cash, go for it! Well crafted, high quality.
    But I don't want to give them full marks because I'm afraid they will sell too well and raise the price, because I will definitely buy it again.😁😁😁
  • M****t
    I absolutely love this product the moment I got it I had to try it right away the way it thrusts. The way it vibrates it’s not hard and soft modes. I think I might upgrade for a bigger one. Definitely recommend this product
  • R****T
    I love taking photos while having fun, and I love this product as well.
  • Ri****te
    This is a great purchase. It only has 3 modes not 10 but other than that it’s 10/10. It’s easy to clean, the remote is also rubber and easy to clean if gets oiled up or whatever. Charge uses usb plug in and is easy to plug in. Reason why it’s great for beginners as you can see for size comparison it’s not to large or thick,doesn’t go in too deep or too fast perfect speeds. The ring is not too small or too big it fits perfectly and doesn’t cause irritation.
  • T****0
    Jeg har lige brugt det i brusebadet, og følelsen var fantastisk. Jeg kan virkelig godt lide, at den havde en fjernbetjening, så jeg ikke behøver at ændre vibrationen manuelt, især fordi jeg stod, mens jeg brugte den. Det var også nemt at rengøre, lige før mit brusebad vaskede jeg det med lidt sæbe og vand og lagde det væk. Ringen passede fint, først tænkte jeg at den var for stor, men den passede fantastisk, den var hverken løs eller stram. Jeg vil anbefale dette til solo eller leg med din partner.
  • Ke****an
    Oh my this toy…ah-mazing, the size of it is just perfect for beginners, and the motion of it will send you over the edge with toe curling results! This has easily become my new favorite toy in my collection!