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Reviews (10)
  • Ja****is
    This product is simply amazing. The packaging is small and discreet. I absolutely enjoy this. The vibrations sends a tingling sensation throughout your entire body. The thrust and pulsating feeling leaves you wanting more.
  • Re****th
    Very well made… has a thick, yet flexible rubber for the connection between the parts. Great vibrations and speeds settings, which you can control with the remote or by the power button… DEFINITELY would recommend, also if you want flip it around and use it to occupy both of her locations. If you know what I mean.
  • A****N
  • s****s
    This was my first anal toy, and I'm so glad I got it. small enough not to intimidate first timer, but once inside big enough to find the right spots and create pleasure from telescopic motion. The only downside is that it takes less than an hour to use, but it could be that I didn't fully charge it when I first used it.I super like the design of this cock ring, it's the right length and size and I believe it fits most bros too, my girlfriend tried to help me with this toy at first and it proved to be very firm without any external help.The first insertion made me feel amazing.I have to say that prostate orgasms are the most amazing, bros, you really should try this cost effective toy
  • M****M
    The toy works perfectly with the remote or by itself.
    The shape of it is very pleasant and close to a real thing compared to its rivals.
    I love it, it hits the spot and and keep on giving by the vibration and the trusting movement, i can't get enough of it.
    The C ring is very elastic and it fit my whole package.
    Used it on a date night with my partner who controls it with the remote and it worked from almost 10 feets away.
    Charging it was simple with the included usb cable, note it came charged too to test it right away 👌😉.
  • K****T
    I regret not buying more bottles of lube. I use it several times a day. It made me orgasm multiple times a day and it was so comfortable. I love it. My boyfriend loves it too
  • K****K
    when i stick in my ass. Turning on the vibration and stretching gave me a numb feeling, like an electric current stimulating my brain. I was so surprised. I love this toy.
  • B****.
    It looks really invasive and maybe even frightening at first glance, but the product is actually quite fun and straightforward.
    1) I find the size to be comfortable, as someone who has only recently begun exploring their more intimate desires, in both insertable length and thickness. With a bit of lube and relaxed muscles, insertion is easy and easily controllable. As for the ring, it's also comfortable with a bit of lube. The ring is stretchy enough for those who are well endowed and it may even be possible to fit your testis in as well.
    2) The vibration settings are nice and never feel like too much. The variety of vibration patterns is a nice touch and all can be felt throughout the device. Tip: the vibrations are more soothing when lube is applied everywhere- it makes it slide across the skin more easily which feels great!
    3) Definitely the scariest part of the product is the thrusting mechanism, especially for beginners. However, there is nothing to fear. The device doesn't grow to a monstrous size and the material is flexible enough to not fold or pinch when decreasing in size. At its greatest length, it still feels comfortable in the right position and the default speed is probably the same as one's regular stroking speed.
    4) The remote is kind of neat, especially if you have your hands busy with yourself or a partner, and is completely utilitarian, so there should be no confusion.
    Overall, I think it's great. It is worth reminding that this isn't for everyone, and if buying or using this makes you uncomfortable then you shouldn't. This product isn't to push your limits, but to help explore and stimulate your senses. Remember to wash it after each use and to charge it beforehand.
  • T****.
    This is insane....i was not expecting this quality ...however this is one of the better product in have came across....several mode's....strong vibrations...soft to touch......
  • J****y
    This item is definitely easy to use as well as it’s a lot fun for both men and women. It’s water proof and the battery is well protected from any water damage. It comes complete with all necessary items to both charge the main unit as well as the battery for the remote. The tip of this unit moves in a circular way to massage the area and the remote definitely adds a surprising effect specially when it’s controlled by someone else. Inserting the unit is not that difficult due the normal size and the massage and the vibrations definitely reach the right areas. If you’re open to experimenting I highly recommend this.