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Reviews (4)
  • He****er
    First time buying something for the husband instead of the wife. Looking for something to spice up the bedroom. Was worried it would be to tight or cause irritation after while. Quite the opposite. Sleeve was perfectly sized and the beads inside stretch perfectly to provide just the right feeling. Speed options are great. Especially the fast with intermittent stops. Perfect for just sitting back and taking your time while it does ALL the work. Highly recommended to any man looking to branch out.
  • En****r1
    I liked the action controls of this toy. It was very easy to charge, using the magnet style connector. just stick it on. Place the toy where the charge cable will not get hit to avoid a accidental disconnect. When charged play with the toy, reading the small print instruction book, so to learn just what is possible. The ability to change the frequency, faster or slower is very nice, just using the speed plus or speed minus buttons. Also the button that allows you to stop the action if you get close to that point of no return. then restart it to keep on going to that finish line.
  • Br****bo
    This product was purchased as a gift from my wife for me. It's very good. The process to set up and use is very easy. When finished with it clean up is also very simple you just take it out and wash it out. I like the fact that it uses a USB charger for it. I feel that the product is worth much more than the price she paid for it. I think it should be costing over $100. Great toy and amazing quality and satisfaction.
  • Ch****re
    Buy THIS! Excellent feeling. Nice tight opening with a premium feel. One of the best toys I've ever purchased. Most of the other ones just contract and expands but this one stokes, so it's a much better and different feel.