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Reviews (10)
  • Ta****on
    My boyfriend and I love this product. We enjoy finding new things we both enjoy, and anal play is a new discovery for us both. This soft silicone toy is easy to insert and comfortable. The vibration is strong and the rotating settings are very interesting which is my favorite feature. Definitely satisfying for both sexes, strongly recommend it for solo or couple play.
  • De****W.
    I have to say, I have a large affinity for prostate toys. It's been the only way for me to get off in 10 years due to overweight and diabetic issues. Let me tell you, this thing is a game changer! It has given me different levels of pleasure no other prostate stimulator has ever done. I urge you, to order this toy. It has held up well over repeated uses and seems solidly built. The motor is plenty strong enough for 30+ min sessions and the remote is responsive. This is, by far, the most enjoyable prostate massager that I have ever found.
    Service:Our goal is to make sex toys more accessible to more people.
  • A****i
    This toy is amazing! Much better than just any old blandly shaped vibrator. Super good for a beginner, comes with lube, controller, battery, charger, instruction manual as pictured. The hole for the charging port is also as pictured. As for how good it is at doing its job, 5 stars. For me, the rotation movements gave a great, unique sensation. Also, the material is super smooth and feels nice, as well as being easy to clean.
  • St****ok
    The item arrived discreetly packaged and fast. Once open I realized the remote wasn’t working. I contacted the seller and off was handled fast. The vibration modes are strong and varied. My favorite part is the tip rotation man can it go!
  • J****h
    Very good product with a lot of power and easy to use
  • M****k
    I liked using the app it makes it fun for your partner aswell as having all the modes and intensity levels the 360 motion is this product and well worth the price!!
  • J****y
    This is now my new favorite toy. I've named him Karl. We've had several dates so far, and I'm impressed. The width of the beads is comfortable, even the larger base bead. If you're just starting to explore anal toys, you can insert as much as is comfortable for you. Inserting just the first two beads and turning on the vibration will curl your toes.
    The charge will give you over an hour of intense vibration, and it recharges in one hour. You can wear this toy all day as a plug, too. It stays in place, and feels great.

    My only complaint is that it's not a magnetic charger. There is a USB cord that has a small headphone-style jack on the other end. The instructions don't tell you where this plugs in, and it took a while to find the tiny hole near the power button. I prefer toys that have the magnetic connection.

    I still give this 5 stars. Name your toy, because you'll be be calling it's name and talking dirty in no time. OK, now I need to find Karl!
  • De****ss
    I've had several phone-controlled products that have cost $100+ and they work great. HOWEVER, this product cost less than $50 and it works amazingly. It took a little bit for me to figure out the app, but I got it set. By buying this, you're getting an amazing product for less than half the price of anywhere else.
  • T-****ws
    This is intense! I enjoy a bit of stimulation that this type of toy provides, but was not prepared for the level of intensity that the spinning motion provides. A must-buy for your next bedroom adventure.
  • Do****er
    It was easy to use and easy to set up. We loved the way it feels and moves. The battery lasted as long as we needed it to do no issues there. Clean up was easy. The packaging was discreet so I was happy with that. I liked all the different modes. I would definitely recommend it.