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Reviews (11)
  • Bl****ll
    A few different suction settings so you can find the one that fits you best and has a pretty good texture inside as well. 5/5 recommended
  • j****b
    I also like how compact the size is and the removable insert in the shell unit is easy to clean. I am extremely pleased. Product is very sturdy.
  • Wi****ie
    The suction on this thing is strong and feels awesome! I love the vibration modes, plus, it looks like a little rocket ship, so it looks awesome sitting on my bedside table.
  • do****ck
    Was skeptical at first sight but wow pretty amazing.
  • E****n
    Works as promised & feels like the real thing!
  • hi****zz
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     I did struggle on the buttons a little bit. Even though it's a straight forward toy, but it took me a while to figure it out. I have to say that I like the design and material a lot. It's fun and the silicon feels very soft and comfortable. The vibration is good and strong enough to keep me going. I enjoyed the light sequence a lot. It's very playful and fun. I think the suction can be improved. It's a good product after all.
  • Ch****ab
    This thing is amazing! The vibration is just strong enough to not be overwhelming but really gets you right the the edge and keep you there until you can’t take it anymore. The added suction will really milk out a load. Most intense orgasm I’ve had with a toy to date!
  • Ca****re
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     While a little on the large side for handling, this has been a great product. All of the vibration and suction options are different enough to offer separate experiences. While sitting out it is discrete enough in looks to easily be mistaken for a rocket or even a small lamp.
  • Ma****ty
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     First time using a product like this and it was the best thing I ever used. It may look big and bulky but it will take you where you need to go. Definitely worth the money easy to clean and easy to use.
  • J****.
    Incredible sensation when using this product, it is undoubtedly very hygienic and easy to maintain. It's always good to add a little water-based lube to make it more enjoyable and fun.The suction effect seems phenomenal and unique to me, I have never felt something like this in other types of toys ... The best of all is the number of game modes that are included, this way they have more possibilities when using it.I feel that it is very discreet, I can have it on the shelf and people just looking at it will not be able to guess that it is a masturbator, another point in favorI would like the battery to last a bit longer, but for this price, it seems fair to me. The quality of the material with which it is made and how well cared for every detail of the product makes me feel very satisfied. Without a doubt it is one of the best purchases that I have made 5/5
  • Gr****an
    Amazing rocket suction