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  • L****.
    I just tried it. I must say that the exterior materials are of high quality, and that its grip is firm and does not slip. Control buttons are easily accessible. The inner cover is soft but with the ideal firmness for a good feeling. already working it provides pleasant sensations, with its vibrating massage, and once mastered, the suction function provides sensations from another world. the suction is strong, so you can give it the realism you want. Recommended product to have in your toy collection.
  • Jo****re
    What comes in the box:The main device.A usb C cable. (Which was surprising, it is good to see a non-proprietary charging method on these, as well as one that is becoming a more common option amongst phones/tablets/other devices.)Headphones.This toy is amazing, when it says it has suction it does not lie. How it works is there are three buttons. One turns it on, and if you keep pressing it, it changes patterns. The other one turns on and off the suction, and the third is a button that lets you temporarily release some of the suction so you can create your own sucking patterns.The sleeve on the device comes out completely, and is a solid pocket, that does not allow liquid to pass through into the main device chamber. Making for easy non-complicated cleanup. It is also made out of a non-sticky, durable rubber material. Allowing you to turn it inside out and wash it with gentle soap to get a full clean. It has various ribs and nubs to provide sensations as you use it.One of the most surprising features however was the inclusion of a headphone jack on the bottom. Plugging headphones into the toy delivers the sounds of a woman moaning and dirty talking into your ear while you use it. It is good if you're in a situation where you may not have access to a video to watch.The main reasons why I like this toy is the suction does work well, it creates a good seal and you can feel the tug and the constriction. It is easy to use, easy to charge with any USB C you may have laying around, but most of all It is easy to clean so you never really have to worry about grimy/gross build up, or hair, dust, and skin sticking to it after repeated use.
  • J****k
    Wow, when i receive this device totally look like something very fUturistic, first at all is very discreet i arcade with me everywhere I go.I didnt notice that it came with a earphones and I was like what that heck, when is on to make your pleasure more extrasensorial, have a recording of sensual sounds,m I which it did haver a men sounds.Quality ofg this device def. 5t star,THE QUALITY OF MATERIUALS, THE SUCCION OF THE DEVICE IS AMAZING AND FEEL REAL, THE TEXTURE IN THE CASE. VERY EASY TO WASH100%RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT
  • Ho****rd
    What a great item and I will let others know that this is the item to purchase. It's cost effective, very easy to use and also easy cleanup. I will be telling my friends this is a must have for them and I was blown away by this.
  • M****t
    Feels great and the different vibration modes are great. I would HIGHLY recommend using your thumb to test out the power of the suction before using it on your member. I did not. When the suction got to the point of causing panic I immediately ripped it off my ween causing slight soreness for a few minutes 🤣 Serioisly, this thing could suck start a Harley. Definitely not for guys who are well endowed. I'm very average size and it is about the perfect amount of tight. Overall a great product for when you want to give yourself a little treat
  • T****3
    When I first got this toy I was expecting less but I was pleasantly surprised. This device has suction better than anything else I have used. I would recommend to anyone that is looking at an more expensive option. Clean up is easy. just remove the inner sleeve and rinse out.I would recommend. You won't be disappointed
  • J****x
    Great toy. Better than manual manipulation. Nice vibrations and settings allows you to adjust suction power to your preference. Highly recommend
  • A****x
    I ordered a few of these type of devices & all of them were a disappointment. Decided to give it another try & I was really surprise on how well this one did & how big it is. The inside felt really good & had simple directions on how to use it. I’ve been using it for 2-3 times a day. Worth it!