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Reviews (5)
  • mi****el
    This toy is like many others on the market but with a twist (latterly). Great packaging out of the box very elegant in design and very nice to the touch. If you have other similar toys it has the same plug and play charging capability. As for the experience it self let me tell you one of my best new toys to use, very pleasurable and easy to maintain. Cleaning is super easy as you can see the main silicone comes out to clean and you can see inside to the vibration device located on the inside. All in all a great toy to buy!
  • Mr****er
    It's soft and ready to be intered, with actual suction that pulls the liner inward giving you nice shaft tugg also impressively strong, could use a bit more variety of sucking patterns. There is no complaints from me, I recommend just for some fun,
  • D****n
    This toy was crazy amazing. Legit will never use my hand again. Highly recommend for all men.
  • Ad****on
    Well let me tell you this thing has some power. The suction was like no other. This. is the best male sex toy I've ever used. The one down side is with all that power comes a little noise. It's no louder than a good vibrator though but all in all I'll give it 5 outta 5 stars. I've tried 4 of this type of toy now this one is the best one
  • K****.
    I've tried several of the automatic types with varying levels of success, but have never been impressed by them. They performance never lived up to the hype. But THIS ONE. Good GOD. It's so powerful, and quieter than other ones that a disappointingly weak! The vibration is strong and the modes a varied enough. My one and only complaint is I wish there was a setting to make in ONLY do the deep sucking motion. But for all it does and what it costs, I'm not even a little mad about it. I guess a heating function would have been nice as well, but that's just a luxury I'm personally fine without. If you're looking for a toy like this, I have personally not tried a better one. I'd say go for it. I would be surprised if anyone was disappointed.