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Reviews (20)
  • R****.
    The item seems to be built very sturdy and has a lot of features and extras that come along with it. Curious to see how the other products from the vendor are as well.
  • As****as
    Very powerful, good quality, easy to use simple interface, several options for different speeds and motions, very easy to clean, long battery life, definitely gets the job done!
  • Sl****ck
    Works great, does the job. Also has a long battery life! I would buy again.
  • Co****in
    This thing is great! It's almost as good as the real thing except you don't have to work for it. I like that it's rechargeable and you can take out the middle part and clean it really easily.
  • So****er
    Ok, I waited eagerly for this to arrive it is my first such device. This masturbator is effective and not as loud as it looks, I've turned it on and checked to see if I could here it around the apartment and all was quiet. Instructions are simple and easy, packaging was very nice and discreet. It is very solid and big!!!I’ve used it twice it is very easy to setup and clean.The only Con is it isn’t deep enough
  • Ch****rk
    This thing is ridiculous!! I bought it because I was sick of girls getting all the fun toys and I wanted something as well! Needless to say I got it!! The suction feeling created with the twisting/vibrating/thrusting sleeve is perfect. I have not even used the 1-click orgasm button yet, im alittle nervous lol. Also the suction cup is a beast!! But men you will not regret this purchase. Simple packaging, instructions, and set up.
  • M****s
    Verified Purchase
    When I initially saw this Automatic Male Masturbator, I was skeptical. I've used Fleshjacks before and assumed this was just the same thing with a vibration option. I'm a bigger guy, so the initial fit seemed snug, but in the end, I think that added to the sensation. I was surprised how quickly I completed the process; it felt great. The thrusting feature is not just vibrations; it is an up and down grip and motion, basically a robot hand job. The auto masturbator is a great toy to have for solo or couple play. I already look forward to using it again. It comes with a USB charger and clear directions for easy clean-up. It is also a very sturdy and well-made device, so I feel comfortable giving it some abuse.
  • El****hJ
    Life like texture feel. Works great and completes the job!
  • Au****en
    She just take control of your shaft and head and makes you have the craziest orgasm everytime, hands free. I recommend this one. Top secret. And don't tell the ladies because they will certainly either be mad or jeoulous :)
  • t****e
    works great
  • A****m
    The product feels great on your member. I love the stroking action of the toy, and the inside of it is just out of this world. It's a great product and I recommend it to anyone
  • Ju****ge
    Excellent customer service! Discreet packaging. Will purchase again
  • B****n
    Easy to clean. Seems like a solid product. I'm no expert in this area but this looks amazing!
  • M****e
    I loved this product as soon as I cleaned it, charged it and used it. Wow. The various speeds were great. I took a video for my woman. She was so turned on, she drove right over. Great value for the money!!
  • k****.
    First off, I've never had a toy sent with exquisite packaging. I mean they definitely took time into the presentation. A+ The ease of cleaning is huge. The suction power is vacuum-like; well if you've used a vacuum before? jk It's cool that it comes with a mount to simulate the different angles and positions if with a partner. Overall this is the best I've had.
  • C****s
    Wasn't sure what to expect, but I am impressed. It works very well and is very effective. It doesn't look like what it is. Lots of options to explore and try out. Would be even better with a heating rod built into the cap and the option to make it tighter to simulate how a partner’s organ would react. Internal texture is very supple (see picture). Incredibly easy to disassemble and clean up. The motor is a bit loud, but you get over that pretty quick. Excellent value!
  • J****d
    The packaging is impeccable. Came charged, but I plugged it in to top it off. -- just to be sure, lol. The design & quality is very high, the controls are easy to use -- it cycles through various routines, it's easy to clean
  • sa****re
    Love this bought it for my boyfriend forSweeties day. The lube is amazing btw I need to find out who makes that. Buy it
  • jo****ld
    It works very well.
  • Es****ez
    easy to clean and make you cu… a lot