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Reviews (15)
  • Ag****no
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     This is the best masturbator toy I've used. It's strong, fast, and smooth. The design is very futuristic, but pretty bulky. If you don't have big hands, you probably have to use both hands to hold it while using it.
  • je****si
    This product is a lot of fun!!! It'll make you finish pretty quickly and feels amazing from the start. It's easy to use and easy to clean, great for beginners. I'm a person with an above average magic wand (around 7.5 in length) and this thing fits perfectly on me. It comes in a regular amazon box so you won't have to worry about people knowing what's inside. This product isn't silent but it is relatively quiet and can be drowned out by some music if you have roommates and don't want them listening.
  • Am****er
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     Awesome product. Must try
  • J****G
    This toy is awesome just make sure to be generous with the lube! (It even comes with some in the box) also I would play with it and the speeds/modes before using it so you know what to expect.. storm mode (I believe is what one of them is called) and it’s ridiculous but in a good way. Don’t plan on this being silent and discreet though because you can definitely hear the motors running.. it isn’t loud by any means but it is noticeable through like a bathroom door..
  • Je****my
    It basically does EVERYTHING! It caught me off guard when I opened the box initially because it looks like a transformer or something lol, but it is worth it. Very stimulating and holds a super long charge. I have yet to run out of battery life. It twists and turns and pumps up and down and even as a ton of different vibration patterns. I would highly recommend it! It is a pretty large device, but it makes it much easier to hold. Check it out!
  • Sa****fe
    My husband was very pleased with this toy I'm a little afraid he may result to using this more than being intimate with me. The toy arrived in this cool superhero box so I was immediately curious. When we opened the box I was surprised to see such a bulky looking toy it's very heavy reminded me of the armor worn by superheros from a comicbook. They are nice enough to send 2 tubes of lubrication to assist in your pleasure session. The suction was amazing and my husband really enjoyed it I also participated to make the session feel more intimate. I highly recommend this product and I look forward to purchasing more products.
  • P****l
    Large and very powerful.Extremely fun!
  • M****O
    I’ve got to start off with “WOW,” how impressive!!! Much larger than I expected, but it does the job.I got the item in a discreet package from Amazon within 24 hours after I ordered the product, Excellent. The item was well packed.Overall construction of the item is solid and would seem durable. The item came with an instruction book, charging cord and a sample tube of lube.I couldn’t wait to give it a go. The multiple modes are amazing, the sensation is fantastic. I didn’t last long. The sleeve had good length and very sensational.Opening the unit to clean was easy, overall, it was easy to clean.I’ve bought several devices that does the same thing, costing more than five times for this item.This item is very reasonably priced.I highly recommend this product.
  • Ti****oc
    This thing, the Avenger is HUGE. It's much bigger than expected. Usually these toys get a little overwhelmed when I try to go for more than just the tip, but this one took it like a champion. I can't help but be reminded of a particular Italian sports car brand when I look at this device. It has a Storm Mode too, and it will take you for a ride so watch out for that.
  • Au****ey
    This male masturbator toy works AMAZING! It’s huge and works really well, feels great and has so many functions .
  • A****t
    When I first got it, it felt quite ambitious because of how large it is, but it is perfect for my needs. Most of it is to store the mechanical components and the battery.It was easy to set up and it charges quite fast. It does not come with an adapter, only the cord for charging but an adapter for charging a cell phone works great.Removing the sleeve was simple and the instruction are quite simple on how to use the product. I really like the magnetic cover to keep dust out of the sleeve.It was a very nice experience and I would definitely get another one.
  • J****m
    I normally don't write reviews but this one is definitely worthy! I have tried multiple adult toys, but none like this one! This thing does it all, it thrusts, it spins, it has a nice range of speeds and enough power to handle anything you can give it. I've tried others and they would just just bog down if I tried to get more than just the tip of my cock inside, but not this one! It was a nice tight fit but it handled the load and had my toes curling in minutes. Really feels like the best blowjob you could ever imagine! It's worth twice the amount it costs and your missing out on amazing orgasms if you don't get one yourself!!!
  • An****in
    I enjoyed this product. It was actually bigger than I expected. The design is cool. Definitely works wonders and fun. I like the different modes. It also came with a trial size of water based lubricant which was a plus. Clean up is easy.
  • Al****rt
    This thing is bigger than I expected, I was having doubts about it until I tried it out. It definitely gets the job done and I like the different settings/speeds. Make sure you have lube & a towel! You will need it!
  • S****S
    Wow this product is so amazing! Really a life changer and easy to use! Soft and realistic feeling. U really need this!!