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Reviews (35)
  • M****w
    Unlike any other toys I've used from cheap to expensive and now in the middle. This toy is insane and will meet your need. Want to take your time. Go right ahead slow and in motion. Rev it up with a push of a button to finish off. Amazing for edging purposes as well. Highly recommend for the price point it's given.
  • W****e
    I’ve bought several devices like this. This one is better then all like this design
    I’m an older guy 74 and I have two steady girlfriends who know each other and I’m the one that turns down threesome ! There are reasons I enjoy the company of one woman at a time .
    Back to device
    It fits well although a little tight for me .
    I only played with it for 3 minutes I only wanted to see if it fits and is it practical !

    It fits ( a little tight )
    I didn’t play for effect but from my past experience I think it will do what I want .

    I’ll write another review after I’ve had some time with it.
  • Ch****rd
    Very sturdy and customizable to whatever senses took you are seeking. Device is also very easy to clean and maintain. Cannot wait to fully explore and see how much fun can be had!
  • Je****ce
    Great product, better customer service.
  • L****k
    nice suction, long battery life, really easy to clean
  • Ra****ad
    This toy is an amazing addition to our collection. My partner loves that it has the suction cup. I was impressed with the whole thing. Then to top it off they threw a little free gift.. a little bottle of lube. Thanks for reading. And thank you for this opportunity to to try these out. I look forward to working with your products in the future.
  • Ju****is
    It is what it seems that it so far so good suction cup is really impressive it does hold pretty strong must say....the different levels of intensity are different from what you can see however the best part is when u turn everything't know what to think but it seems super strong....interesting touch on the opening on the top .... and must say use alot of lube....seems as it's needed for your friend. ..I sure would recomend and it is strong just keep in mind lube is your friend and it does clean pretty easy and fast so even if you let go cleaning it up would be super easy and fast ....just twist the black top off and the silicone will come of with a little pull so....nothing can't be figured out in less then 5 seconds but u can sure play with this for 5 hours good of a product I didn't expect this.....I am pleasantly surprised
  • B****3
    I cannot believe how intense (in an eyes rolling back, trying not wake the neighbors sort of way) this toy made me “arrive.” The mount felt very secure; strong enough to support the weight of the toy. Sensation and suction felt great with different vibration/ speed modes allowing for varied stimulation throughout my session. The toy itself was surprisingly quiet; wish I could say the same about myself: it was hard to not let out the occasional moan, especially at the end. Unit was easy to clean and held a charge throughout my rather long, first session. Overall, a great toy that was very enjoyable to use. Looking forward to trying it with a friend!
  • M****w
    Easy to use and works femnamenal beat one I've ever bought worth the money
  • Fi****er
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     Great products. Easy to clean. Works great. Good value. All I can say is nice.
  • Mi****nd
    Use with a generous amount of water based lube and it will suck you dry. The best thing I have bought! Ever. Powerful suction cup. Powerful motor. Great movement.
  • sa****dy
    This is an absolutely amazing toy. Coming from a use your hands kind of person, this was certainly a new excitement. Very easy to disassemble and clean. Charge actually holds well. I wasn't expecting the headphone feature at its a 100% bonus!! It also comes in very discreet packaging for those that like to keep them secret.
  • Ke****ls
    Super easy to use and definitely gets the job done.
  • Am****er
    Where to begin with this one!I'm pretty old school when it comes to solo play but this product really adds another level to my sessions!The different modes and speeds are actually quite unique from one another, if you've used a manual Fleshlight or similar before this is way better.You get all the suction but with the added benefit of rotation and back and forth pulsating action as well.I'm not small but since the inner sleeve is not open ended it's OK! I can just thrust as much as I need to and never worry about coming out of the top of the sleeve or hurting those sensitive parts 😳.There is a headphone jack that is supposed to have some female moaning or something, I can't say I used that part but if you are into that is a nice feature.My only real complaint on this one is the charger is just the USB cable but you'll need to find the part that plugs into an outlet to charge it. You could also use a USB port but those tend to charge very slowly so I recommend using a phone charger (with USB port etc) or similar. You can find just that part for pretty cheap either on Amazon or anywhere really.Portable, easy to use, not too heavy but a good weight to it, feels amazing, if you are considering this one treat yoself and check it out 😌
  • Qu****on
    This is one of the best toys I’ve ever purchased i literally only used this one I can never last more than 20 mins using this
  • Mi****us
    Best toy out there
  • H****v
    Actually amazing I can’t lie lol. This thing is better than a real life woman
  • De****ns
    Just what I been looking for. It is a great product and I would recommend it to everyone.
  • S****2
    Product is very easy to clean, satisfied with suction. Would recommend for desired pleasure.
  • C****C
    Works really well and easy to clean! Highly recommended.