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Reviews (18)
  • Do****ry
    It arrived with good packaging and on time. The vibrator worked wonders when used with a partner because it has different settings that are strong enough for you to feel the pleasure and there is a remote. The material was not cheaply made and it is easy to clean.
  • B****G
    The plug part may not be newbie friendly, but once you can accommodate it... Wow! Everything from the vibrations, to the ball hugger, to the ring is high quality and creates a perfect storm leading to ecstasy. I usually try new toys out alone before bringing them out to play with my girlfriend. This unit is perfect for solo fun or if your lady wants to play Dom for the evening and watch you squirm in unending pleasure.
  • S****y
    While it was a little bit of a struggle to get it in once it was in I never wanted to take it out, the vibrations hit the spot. The rhythm patterns make a big difference on this toy- I liked the bursts of vibration that sent occasional shocks while still vibrating. These are easily changed with the remote- so not awkward fiddling.
  • Ge****ee
    They say, “variety is the spice of life”. So with that mindset I went ahead and purchased the Sexy Slave Quadra Anal Vibrator in order to spice up my own life. I’m familiar and comfortable using toys with my partner, but it seems like she’s getting most of the cool toys and I guess it was my turn for a toy (I know how childish that sounds LoL). But anyways, fast-forward to the product, it arrived on a timely manner in a nice discreet box. Inside the box there was nothing too outrageous, it was the vibrator, a magnetic charging cable and the devices remote with some literature. The design is nice and kind of stealthy looking, it has about 9 vibration settings and 3 power modes and can be toggled with or without the remote. Again I’m a novice at this so if I’m describing anything incorrectly or going about it incorrectly I apologize. After using the device a couple of times I have a few suggestions and gripes with the device: firstly LUBE, but don’t over lube if that makes sense but I think its the device itself, since the device might slip out mid-use, now again it might be a user error but I don’t think its rocket science. As for the “cradle” it does its job decently but if you’re slightly more “swole” than others it might not hold your jewels properly, and I know the ring is supposed to tight but in my opinion it could be a bit wider, but that’s just me, and I genuinely think this device would benefit from at least 2 different sizes so it can be utilized by more gents to get the full effect of the device. All in all, for the price point and the wonderful customer service I’d recommend this or novices who are trying to mix things up either with a partner or alone.
  • Ba****rr
    I can’t get over how soft the material is… it almost feels like velvet. Very durable and we enjoyed trying it out! Definitely one of our favorite toys.
  • Ki****th
    I've never done any an*l play on my husband but have always been tempted. I read the reviews and decided to give this one a go and am glad I did.I was that excited to try it out I pursued it.Even after using an*l toys before, this took some getting in, now after several times using it, it is worth it!I showed my husband and we used it again. He was excited at how it made him squirm and writhe in pleasure.Once in and on, the feeling is amazing and it hits the prostate perfectly, after a few mins the O you get is OMG and like nothing hes ever had before.I clean it thoroughly after every use with anti-bac soap and toy cleaner It is easy to clean it!So to summarize the feeling is amazing and you get a super O!!!
  • An****la
    Discreet package, well made.. lots of power. If your into this kind of thing , you will love it.
  • St****ss
    What a unique massager! I saw the photo of this in the Hellofuntoys search and thought: “wow, we’re really living in the future.” The whole setup feels great, once you get it all fitted. I’m really happy that it came with a remote, it’s really handy to use when you want to change speeds.Honestly, I want to give it a full five-stars, but I’m giving it four because it wish the main shaft was larger. The little bump on the end is nice, but I had hoped that it would make more of an impact.
  • C****n
    I am newer to an*l play and I have to be honest, this thing is amazing. It's a tad bigger than I thought it would be, but once I relaxed, it fit really well. I really like the different speeds that the massager has! The remote is small, but does the trick! The ring was tight enough to be pleasurable and you could even feel the vibration through it.If you have ever thought of exploring yourself, give this a whirl, you might be surprised what you learn.10/10 would, and will, buy from again!
  • St****us
    This product is amazing. It's nine different vibrating functions makes for a great experience every time. The soft silicone coating makes for easy use and easy clean up. Definitely would recommend to a friend or buy again myself.
  • Ro****it
    When I first opened it, I was a little weirded out by the hook thing at the top. However it was very very comfortable and gave an amazing feel as the vibrations started. It was soft and very pleasing. The base wasn’t too wide to feel uncomfortable but it was wide enough to feel secure. The different modes were awesome and I enjoyed the feeling throughout my whole body. Only thing I can warn is just make sure you have time to enjoy it. Cause you’ll ride the waves for a while. A+ product once again!
  • H****r
    At first I was a little intimidated by the size, but trust me. It hits the right spot! Just start slow and use a generous amount of water based lube.The remote works well and the different vibration modes is a nice touch.Pro-Tip: Make sure to turn the vibrator on before inserting it. You can not turn the device on with the remote. Only control and stop the vibration. The vibrator and remote are powered on separately.
  • E****.
    Out of the box you can just tell this is a well-made product. Everything worked as it was supposed to. The buttons were nice and tight and everything is nice to the touch.The vibrations this thing gives are super intense. It definitely gave a different type of orgasm. Super intense and pretty much mind blowing. The attached c__k ring is a nice added bonus.This toy gave me one of the best prostate orgasms that I have had ever. It’s not big or filling, but it definitely definitely hits the right spot.Highly recommend.
  • An****an
    Very well designed, tons of fun, and great customer service!
  • N****c
    Simple charging. Very good Vibrator. Discreet package.
  • Al****nt
    I'm a female and I use this with another female. It works if your into an*l play. If you and you partner want to try something different it's worth it!
  • S****n
    When I received this device I was surprised with its advanced design and production. Nice elastic silicon built with smooth velvety. It worked great and it's variable vibration mode add to the pleasure of using it. Recommended
  • Ed****ry
    It was a little uncomfortable at first but once i got used to it it really did a great job