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Reviews (4)
  • P****a
    Literally the best male toy I have gotten and for the price it’s a steal. The different modes change everything up from the motion and rotation.
  • N****n
    So fun. Must to say, this masturbator cup is the most best toy I have had. 7 telescopic frequencies, 7 vibration frequencies, bringing me different intensities and stimuli. It have perfect wrap feeling. Soft, real. Have a perfect size. ultimate masturbation experience! real deep throat feeling, like my girlfriend wraps up me with her mouth, gives me the real orgasm feeling.I like USB charging. After charging it, I can use at least 50mins, enough for me. Oh, it is waterproof, i can use it in the bath, so nice. Easy to clean, because it have detachable stroker. One point, use lube, easy to get in it.
  • S****l
    Buy it! Enjoy it! Have a relaxing time all by yourself!!! Actually, wouldn’t expecting this toy to be as awesome as it is. But the first time I use it, amazing, this is what i'm looking for all the time. Beside, I like the red one, lol, gine me a differend feel. telescopic,vibration, I like all. 4 vibrating modes, 4 different felling, I like the 2 mode best. A little noise when it vibrate, normal. Easy to use, easy toclean. Do worry, buy it now. you'll love the red baby. Believe me!
  • E****a
    A great toy! Red color and advanced designs bring me different surprises.And, actually, the perfect wrap feeling makesme feel the pleasure of oral sex, I like this. It gives me ultimate masturbation experience, other toys I already have before can't. The biggest feature is that this product is completely suitable for large-sized penis.The entrance of the channel is up to 2 in, no longer have to worry about the small size of other male masturbator cups. And, easy to clean, a little loud. It's worth buying.