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Telescopic And Automatic Heating Masturbation Cup With 4 Modes

Telescopic And Automatic Heating Masturbation Cup With 4 Modes

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Telescopic And Automatic Heating Masturbation Cup With 4 Modes
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  • Telescopic And Automatic Heating Masturbation Cup With 4 Modes


    Control your speed
    Internal expansion and no leakage
    360° heating and heat preservation
    Soft and tender
    4 telescopic modes
    3 style channels

    Dominate the pleasure! Fast and slow in the set area.

    Not just fast, but at critical moments to satisfy your need for fast and slow stimulation, the pleasure stacks up in the back and forth of slow and fast, ready to explode.

    With one finger, you can control it and your rhythm is refreshing and exciting.

    180-300 times/min infinitely variable speed control,the scroll wheel is slow to the left,and fast to the right, simple, easy to control, and seamless.

    Highly realistic sexual rhythm, highly restored sense of depth and speed

    Immersive piston experience at your fingertips.

    360° high-fidelity surround heating, the deeper the hotter

    The liner is made of soft rubber embedded heating sheet, which has higher efficiency,shorter waiting time, and better heat preservation than a single inefficient liner wall heating.


    Apply a small amount of lubricating fluid to the inner tank and heat it up to feel better.

    Note: To avoid liquid outflow, apply a small amount of lubricating liquid to the inner wall, and avoid standing upright when heating.

    4 vibration modes alternate between light and dark

    Say goodbye to stereotypes, let the accustomed love focus on the freshness of the heartbeat.

    Fleshy soft passage. Indulged in soft and tender package.

    Made of high-quality TPE raw materials on the market, trying to restore the soft, elastic, slippery and warm feeling.

    *TPE material, also known as thermoplastic elastomer, is a material with both plastic and rubber properties.

    Deeper channels

    Adopt smooth channel design, match with deeper and larger telescopic structure, ensure stronger overall wrapping ofsoft glue, say goodbye to simple top stimulation

    The inner wall is thicker

    Feel more real soft and waxy wrapping feeling, more irritating particle scratches.

    Delicate,charming,light and familiar three styles to satisfy your multiple fantasies about her

    The black hole series masturbation cups are available with 3 different channels for separate purchase.The firmness and softness of each channel have different personality characteristics.

    Charming type(Original equipment)

    Applicable diameter range 35-41mm.

    Firming type

    Applicable diameter range 32-38mm.

    Comfortable type

    Applicable diameter range 40-46mm.

    Cleaning – 3-step quick disassembly

    1. Turm the soft rubber to the left, and the fixing ring is loose.

    2. Pull out the hook to the limit position.

    3. Take out the soft gel for cleaning.

    Quick assembly using -3 steps

    1. Press the hook to the collective original position.

    2. The colloid is aligned with the cup body and the positioning bayonet is placed on the cup body.

    3. Turn the soft rubber retaining ring to the left until it is fastened.

    Function display

    Heating button
    After the power is tumed on, click to start heating.
    Heat for 8 minutes, keep wam for 20 minutes
    The indicator light flashes during the heating process, and the indicator light is always on during the heat preservation process.

    Mode button
    Short press the four modes to switch, when the undulating stepless variable speed button, it will switch to the most uniform low speed pumping.
    Click the stepless variable speed button to pause the current drawing mode. 

    Infinitely variable speed button
    Long press for 1.5 seconds to tum on/off the power.
    The power indicator flashes twice when starting up and enters the standby state.
    Short press to tum on/pause the drawing function, after each pause, tum it on again for slow drawing.
    Turn the button clockwise to accelerate, tum counterclockwise to decelerate. 

    Safe material, comfortable to use

    The test results of CNAS certified laboratory, RoHS and other indicators are all below the detection limit.


    Operating noise 65 decibels, please use in a private environment.


    Product Name: Sucking Electric Masturbation Cup
    Product model: TF-D1-HUN-02W
    Whole machine weight: 760gProduct
    Size: 250X78X88mm