Sexy Ideas for the Bedroom

Jan 15, 2023

Sex is a fundamental part of being human. Maintaining healthy sexual chemistry between you and your partner is important to the functioning of any relationship. If you want to make a difference, there are many ways to do so.

Foreplay to keep you happy

Two words for you: naked massage. During these stressful times, we could all use some extra TLC, so provide your partner with a sensual massage. To do this, all you need is the lotion you already have by your bedside and be ready to get things heating up quickly.

Break the routine

Every once in a while, it's best to take the road less traveled. While this analogy usually applies to the decisions you make in life, it also applies to the healthy maintenance of your sex life. Like many other things, a regular sex life can become just that - routine. It's the perfect opportunity to try something new, something exciting, something you've always wanted but haven't had the courage to bring up. It doesn't have to be too intense - just something new that hasn't been tried before.

Use an eye patch.

You can use the same tie as a blindfold to protect your partner's eyes from your next move, or to take away your own vision as he or she takes your body into town. When you shield one sensation, your body intensifies its other sensations. Touch can feel extra electric and surprising.

Let your partner watch you masturbate.

It definitely takes some courage, but it can be extremely empowering to perform by having your significant other watch you pleasure yourself. Look them straight in the eye when you do this and soon they'll be begging you to let them take over.

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